Alana Recovery Center is an outpatient treatment center for adults seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders associated with substance use. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) integrates evidence-based, state of the art treatment with 12 Step principles. Clients will have access to an intense, focused experience designed to facilitate a sober and gratifying life.


Clients’ eligibility for treatment is based on a clinical assessment. Those clients still requiring medical detoxification may not be immediately recommended for our IOP program, however, once an inpatient detox is completed elsewhere, they can qualify for admission. Treatment may also be recommended for individuals who have recently completed residential treatment (rehab) and are in the early stages of recovery.


Our Mission
ALANA (A Life After Narcotics and Alcohol) was founded to treat addiction by addressing the mental and physical attachment addicts have to substances. Through the integration of twelve step education and effective clinical interventions, clients will have access to a therapeutic environment where they can foster a new way of living, and be empowered to take responsibility for their own happiness.


Our Vision
ALANA’s staff aims to provide compassionate and client focused care that assists in the development of healthy relationships, and addresses the latent issues which contribute to their reliance on alcohol and drugs.



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